HIV Testing


HIV testing is recommended at least once a year for all sexually active youth and young adults. Call 617.457.8140 to make an appointment for an HIV test or speak to your medical or behavioral health provider.

The Sidney Borum Health Center provides two types of HIV testing, both are free and confidential:

  • Rapid testing (results in an hour): The rapid test procedure requires an initial discussion about risk factors and HIV/STD prevention including condom use and safe sex practices. A simple fingerstick that produces a drop of blood is then used to check for the presence of HIV. You should know within an hour what your status is. Positive tests are followed up with a confidential blood test, counseling and connection to support services for people with HIV.
  • Serum testing: During an overall screening for STDs (sexually transmitted diseases) or in the context of a complete physical exam, your health care provider can draw blood that will be sent for HIV antibody screening. We always want to make sure that every patient is ready to find out his or her HIV status and has social support from friends or family before moving forward with testing.


Looking for HIV testing sites other than the Borum? Visit  for information on HIV and STD testing sites around Massachusetts.

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