HIV Care


We are dedicated to bringing the highest quality health care to any patient living with HIV or AIDS. Not only do we offer rapid HIV tests at our clinic for free, but we also provide day-to-day primary and urgent medical care for all of our patients living with HIV and AIDS. Call 617.457.8140 to make an appointment today.

Some of the services we can provide are:

  • Medical Services: All of our medical providers are approachable and non-judgmental, and are trained with the most up-to-date information on HIV and AIDS based on recent studies and research. Medical providers routinely make referrals to outside doctors that practice in various health specialties in order to make sure all patients living with HIV and AIDS receive the best care possible.
  • Social Services: We provide dedicated, individualized case management for patients living with HIV and AIDS: help secure, health insurance, emergency assistance, medications, SSI and SSDI. Behavioral Health individual clinical services are available for patients who are HIV positive.
  • Legal Services: We can refer our patients living with HIV and AIDS to the Health Law Institute for legal assistance with housing, disability, powers of attorney, health care proxy, estate management and other legal concerns.
  • All patient’s living with HIV and AIDS can be referred to the Assisted Living Program. There, patients can meet individually with a housing case manager that has direct access to the most recent available housing lists and information.

Peer Support is a division of JRI Health that works with patients living with HIV and AIDS to learn more about living with their diagnosis and gives them the opportunity to share their experiences through provider run groups.

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