Community Advisory Board

What is the Youth Community Advisory Board (YCAB)?

The purpose of a community advisory board (CAB) is to seek input from community representatives on the research and work being done at The Fenway Institute. The YCAB is unique because its membership consists specifically of youth and young adults who help advise Fenway on issues that affect youth at risk for, or infected with, HIV, as well as on other public health issues related to research, such as mental health and substance use.


What does the CAB do?

YCAB members provide input to Fenway research staff and investigators on study design, protocols, enrollment, recruitment efforts and community education. Members also participate in planning community events and group enrichment activities. YCAB members have the opportunity to develop leadership skills and may even represent Fenway at national meetings or forums.


Who is on the CAB?

Youth ages 12-24 who are interested in representing community perspectives are welcome to volunteer as Youth Community Advisory Board members. The YCAB strives to build and maintain a diverse membership; therefore, Boston-area residents of all races and ethnicities, gender identities and sexual orientations, and HIV statuses are welcome. You do not need to have any experience serving on CABs to get involved.  We will provide training and education so that you will become a valued member of the community advisory board.


How do I get involved?

YCAB meetings are held monthly. Those interested in attending meetings or joining the CAB are encouraged to contact:

Johannes Wilson
Phone: 857.313.6549

R. Mason
Phone: 617.927.6449

Massah Massaquoi
Phone: 617.927.6475


We are also looking for YCAB members ages 13-17 for a new project!


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